Stainless Steel Barrel Small


Small model, stainless steel, dark grey painted
Dimensions: body + base height 92 cm, chimney height: 140 cm, total height: 232cm
Body made of 2mm sheet metal. Body diameter: 47 cm
Solid, three-legged base
Removable fire basket
Opening in the bottom with cover for sweeping out ashes
Slide-on/slide-off chimney pipe consisting of 2 parts, 150mm diameter (additional extension piece available upon request)
Finish: coated with a heat-resistant zinc primer and a top layer of heat-resistant, dark-grey paint.

In normal outdoor circumstances the stainless steel barrels will stay rustfree.

On stainless steel zinc primer is still necessary; not as an anti rust layer but to assure the right adhesion of the dark grey stove paint on the stainless steel.

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