Stainless steel barrel large


Large model, painted dark grey steel
Dimensions: body + base height 128cm, chimney height: 164cm, total height: 282cm
Body made of 2mm sheet metal. Body diameter: 58cm
Solid, three-legged base
Removable fire basket
Opening in the bottom with cover for sweeping out ashes
Slide-on/slide-off chimney pipe consisting of 2 parts of 82cm, 150mm diameter (additional extension piece available upon request)
Finish: coated with a heat-resistant zinc primer and a top layer of heat-resistant, dark-grey paint.

In normal outdoor circumstances the stainless steel barrels will stay rustfree.

On stainless steel zinc primer is still necessary not as an anti rust layer but to assure the right adhesion of the dark grey stove paint on the stainless steel.

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