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About BurningBarrel – ‘rugged and stylish chimineas’



In this age of smartphones and the Internet, BurningBarrel’s products serve as a catalyst for human interaction.
Sitting around the fire together, finding that moment to have a good conversation, enjoying the warmth and the fascinating display of the flames.



The design was inspired by the typical burn barrels used for warmth by construction workers and homeless people on cold winter days. The design of this burn barrel has been translated to a robust and functional chiminea. With a three-legged base, a long chimney and handy features such as a removable fire basket and opening in the bottom for easily sweeping out the ashes.



Functionality and durability are important, but a chiminea is also a decorative object for your garden. That’s why I chose a minimalist design that looks great in both classic and modern gardens, thanks to its pure lines.


Jac van Geloven


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