Castor based grill barrel


Patio fire place with grill oven compartiment.

Mild steel finished with heat resistant zinc primer and heat resistant stove paint.

Dimensions: body + base height 105 cm, chimney height: 164 cm, total height: 269 cm Body made of 2mm sheet metal. Body diameter: 52cm Bottom and removable fire basket: 3 mm sheet metal.

Slide-on/slide-off chimney pipe consisting of 2 parts of 82 cm, 150mm diameter (additional extension piece available upon request)

Doors, door insert and hinges of stainless steel.

Extendable grill drawer with removable stainless steel grill tray.

Hand truck principle undercarriage with 2 wheels, 2 handgrips and wood storage grate.

Finish: coated with a heat-resistant zinc primer (anti-rust) and a top layer of heat-resistant, dark-grey paint.

The zinc layer offers protection against rust but in the outside some corrosion of the mild steel parts will be unavoidable. You may want to store your grill barrel indoors.

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